We need your persistence and determination.

Once you cross the bridge and decide this program is for you, we want you committed to the finish line and doing everything you can to get your money’s worth and more importantly, to achieve the goals you set for yourself on this course. If you’re not committed to completing this program a healthier, more confident, empowered person, we would prefer you choose another program.

If you’re in the game, you’re in until the finish line. If you need more time, you can take more time. If you need more help, you can have more help.  But the intention to complete and the commitment to see this through NO MATTER WHAT is what we’re interested in. 

We want to support a group of committed, active health-seekers who are willing to do what it takes. You will have the backup of online video, workbook and hypnosis mp3. 

What if I smoke after six months or something goes wrong?

Go to this page to see exactly what it is. How we frame failure.


The science behind the AI model.

How many sessions will I need?

The science points in the direction of five sessions to quit in the long term.

Online Course: is weekly lessons and bonus materials four four weeks.

One on one sessions: To stop smoking is four sessions with additional video and mp3 exercises.

All sessions after March 2008 will have access to additional: mp3’s and videos detailing methods to curb cravings. 

What happens during the session?
We have an initial chat where we take some notes. We talk about your reasons for wanting to change/ stop and naturally answer any questions you may have. We then explain the hypnotic process.


What’s the success rate?
Hypnotherapy is a professional service and although we keep records of the success stories, to provide an accurate percentage rate may be construed as misleading. All we can say is that hypnosis is regarded as the most effective way to stop smoking. Please also bear in mind that not all therapists are the same. We have many years experience and your success is our success.

What does hypnosis feel like?
It is a completely natural state where you are in complete control.

Will I put on weight when I quit smoking?
Our sessions are designed for you not to.

I’ve tried gum, patches, cold turkey… nothing’s worked for me… will this work for me?
Yes. We can help you stop for good. The thing about patches and gum is that they keep giving you nicotine and doesn’t take care of the reason you smoked. Those ideas are based on a physical addiction. This method is more effective because it helps you break the habit.

Will I be asleep?
No, not at all. Please refer to AI model

100% natural and without side effects

The method consists of a set of  techniques: Automatic Imagination, NLP and EFT.

Are you qualified?
Yes. I am a U.K. trained and qualified, professional stop smoking practitioner and a member of the United Kingdom Hypnotherapy Association. As such we are bound by the strict codes of conduct, and maintain a high standard of continuing professional development and training.

I smoke 80-a-day. Am I beyond help?
No you are not beyond help. We can help all kinds of smokers.

Is there anything I need to do to get ready for the session?
No. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to practice interesting techniques.


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